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Why stop at compromise?

Frustrated by meetings that end in compromises no one supports? The frequently painful process of reaching a decision in business only to see it derailed or not implemented is a situation all too familiar. The very nature of compromise leads to middle-ground decisions that are often neither good nor workable.

This book introduces “Solution Building” as an effective decision making process. Nine “Guiding Principles” are introduced as Rules in the context of a fictional company that desperately needs to make decisions that will determine the survival of the organization and the livelihood of the employees who are called upon to make and then implement those decisions. Each rule is presented, discussed and implemented as the story progresses.

Solution-Building is a powerful and unique approach to taking compromises out of decision making and instead implementing true solutions to problems and issues that face us in business and in life.

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Truly a handbook for 21st century leaders and managers! Moving Beyond Compromise guides the reader on a journey from organization chaos to high performance. Use this book and its clearly explained principles of consultative leadership to take your own organization to the next level.

Douglas Allen

Executive Director of Globalization, Director, International MBA Program
Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

Moving Beyond Compromise offers a truly new approach for efectively making decisions. The authors provide insightful new ideas in a captivating story format that is informative and easy to follow. I see these methods being utilized in any company or organization at any level. The rule summary at the end provides a useful reference tool.

Larry Jones

CEO Coalfire Systems

The Authors

Kevin C. Smith

Kevin Smith, a Colorado native, has been fortunate to work with and for companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. During his youth, Kevin was involved in many organizations such as 4-H, where he always seemed to seek out leadership roles and, at an early age saw a need for consensus building. In the various organizations and companies that followed, he served on many committees and teams. After being introduced to the Bahá'í faith by his wife, Juli, he learned about consultation as an effective method in decision-making. Kevin decided to find a mechanism to share this method and as such sought the help of Michael and Gordon to write this book. Kevin and Juli live in Colorado, have two children and three granddaughters.

Gordon P. McComb

Gordon McComb has been actively involved for thirty years in all phases of the software development industry, designing, developing and managing the production of complex financial systems, primarily for agencies in the public sector. He lived a number of years in Europe in his youth and met his wife, Lauren, while attending college in Germany. The experience of being immersed in different cultures nurtured his love for language and writing and has given him an appreciation for diverse world views. Raised a Baha’i, he has served for many years on its elected consultative bodies and has seen the stark contrast between the decision-making process in the Baha’i Faith and that which is used by public sector organizations. Gordon and Lauren currently reside in Colorado and have three grown children.

Michael T. Burke

Michael Burke has worked in organizations from start-ups with as few as three employees to multinational corporations and has started a number of companies in his career. He has been a director of departments and divisions and served on the boards of directors of non-profits, schools, and small companies and has always sought workable solutions to issues. His involvement in many projects requiring critical decision-making including international pharmaceutical product development and planning significant strategic expansions taught him that the current approaches to making those decisions are flawed. Since being introduced to the Bahá’í Faith by his wife, Susan, he has been studying and practicing the consultative approach to decisions in all situations. When Kevin approached him about writing this book he enthusiastically agreed. Michael and Susan live in Colorado and have two daughters, one living in Europe. Michael teaches medical subjects at a private college in Denver and uses the approaches in this book as much as possible in that work.

The three authors have each been married for over 30 years and have utilized consultation throughout their lives. Their desire is to get this process integrated at many levels, as it is a much more effective method to build solutions.

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